ZEA Membership

ZEA Membership

Benefits of ZEA Membership

ZEA identifies its constituency as consisting of all stakeholders in evaluation for planning purposes and to ensure the Association continuously develops and meets the needs of its varied stakeholders. The stakeholders are clustered into four groups ( Evaluators, Evaluation Clients, Learning and Practice Partners, and the General Public).

The members enjoy the following benefits:

Learning and Practice Partners: (INGOs; International, Regional and National Evaluation Associations, Foundations, and others)Contributing to knowledge Exchanging information on activities Advocacy on evaluation
Evaluators: Individual members/evaluators; Consultancy organisations; Colleges, Universities, tertiary institutions & research institutes; Private sectorCutting edge knowledge in evaluation Skills Development Exposure to opportunities to network Consultancy opportunities Credibility/certification/accreditation Mentorship Arbitration in disputes
Evaluation Clients: Parliament; NGOs; Government; UN; DonorsCapacity building in evaluation management Promoting a culture of evaluation Capacity building in evaluation utilisation Links to accredited members Access to knowledge products (translated to the needs of the stakeholder) Networking (Information exchange & Interaction with other associations) Quality assurance Resource mobilisation for evaluation Repository of evaluations Resource utilisation/accountability
General publicInformation on M&E policy Publishing new knowledge on M&E Career guidance Disseminate evaluation findings SDGs progress evaluation


ZEA pays particular attention to issues of diversity and encourages equitable representation of all population sub-groups as well as regional representation. In its membership recruitment and retention drive, ZEA ensures members include both evaluators and evaluation managers.